Dip Psyc | MBACP | FPC | UKCP Reg

About Therapy

Psychotherapy and counselling is experienced as a professional and collaborative process within a confidential framework. It provides a safe space in which individuals can explore their issues and gain a deeper understanding about themselves. The experience can enable them to reach a more fulfilling place in their lives.

The therapeutic relationship is not one where the therapist offers advice. Instead, the idea is for the client to derive their own conclusions and decisions having explored their issues within the confidential space. The therapist may provide some interpretations and comments about what is being heard and experienced, which may then help the client to see things more clearly for themselves. There may be links made between where the client is now and how that relates to their past and to relationships in their early life. In our work together I will attempt to pay attention to the unconscious process by trying to make sense of what is left unsaid as well as what is said.

The approach I use is called ‘psychodynamic’ where the therapist and client work together, sitting facing each other. It is not reliant on any one theory or technique but works with many different schools of thought.

How many sessions will I need?

I offer both short term and open ended psychotherapy and counselling, depending on your needs. Your session would last for 50 minutes and be at the same time each week. Some people may choose to attend twice weekly. All of this would be discussed at your initial assessment. You do not need to be referred by your GP.